Quick Start Guide to C=64 Assembly

I came across this great link today:

Commodore 64 Programming #1: A quick start guide to C=64 assembly programming on Windows

The Commodore 64 is a great system that no hacker should be without. I didn’t have one as a kid, but I did buy one a year ago. Unfortunately, I haven’t devoted the time to playing with it as I thought I would. However, maybe the above easy instructions will change that. There are a lot of resources, I’m sure, on getting started hacking on the C=64 today, but this is a nice simple one that gets you writing some simple assembly and seeing results instantly.

For those running Mac OS X:

If you download the Cocoa version, launch the x64 app and hit cmd-O to open up the test.prg file you created with DASM.

Running on Real Hardware

Finally, if you have real hardware, I recommend getting an SD card reader for your Commodore 64. The one that I have is the uIEC/SD from jbrain.net: http://store.go4retro.com/categories/Commodore/Hardware/uIEC/ You just dump your d64 files (or the test.prg from the sample above) onto an SD card, plug it into the device, boot up your C=64, and you’re good to go.