Oct 16

New version of Diorama Club is out!

A new version of Diorama Club, my online interactive fiction creation tool, has been updated. This happened a few months ago (back in July), but better late than never. ­čÖé

Please go check out the new Diorama Club.

Oct 16

There’s a new Lil Todo coming out, for Mac!

Coming soon! There’s a new version of Lil Todo coming out for the Mac:

Check it out here.

Watch this space! The new version is awesome and features Dropbox sync support. I’ll be releasing an iPhone version shortly after as well so you can sync on your mobile device.

Jun 16


This is a test post. ­čÖé

Jun 13

Fixed the Street Fighter II CRT!!

A month and a half ago, I got a free SF2 machine. However, it was putting out a green screen. Since that time I’ve been repairing the display and today I finally had a real breakthrough.

Somebody at work had a B&K 467 Rejuvenator device and came by to my office today. He gave the ol’ K7000 monitor on my arcade machine a nice rejuvenation and now the SFII arcade machine is functional!

In the end, there was definitely a short in the green gun, which we cleared using the rejuvenator. There was also likely a small short in the blue gun. The blue gun was fairly weak, so we boosted that up. The red gun was very weak, so that improved the most. The rejuvenator device really came through in this one and in the end I was right about it being a CRT issue and not some issue with the chassis.



The next step is to replace the joysticks and buttons. The left joystick is missing a switch, so the player can’t walk forward. Both joysticks are a little worse for wear in general (squeaky and hard to rotate), so I’m going to replace them both. I also need to replace the fluorescent bulb in the marquee. After that gets replaced, it’s gonna look super classy.

If you haven’t been following along, check out┬áall the blog posts about this arcade machine┬áthat I got for free.

May 13

Simone app for iPad and iPhone

Remember this toy?

If you do, you’re old.

“I want you, Simon”

I decided to write my own version of this toy for the iPad and iPhone. It was pretty easy to make. If you’ve read this blog before, you know that I’ve written my own synth music player. I just re-used that code, wrote up a simple game state machine, hooked up some buttons, tightened the graphics a bit, and voil├á a Simon clone!

Here are a couple of screen shots for the iPad and iPhone:

Photo May 29, 23 11 37


Photo May 29, 11 18 39 PM

And of course, here’s a video of it in action.

I have no plans of releasing this. It was done just for a laugh. If you are curious about writing something like this, leave a comment below and I might write a post on it.