2024/01/28 - If you are experiencing issues starting Card Buddy 1.4.0 on Mac, please update to 1.4.1 as it fixes a crash issue users on macOS Monterey were seeing.
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A Virtual Corkboard for Your Notes

Index card lovers rejoice! Your brainstorming tool is here.


Map out your next script

Take a high-level view of your story with index cards.

Jot down the main beats of your script, then re-arrange the cards to see how the story flows at a high level.

Save your favorite images

Drag and drop images into the canvas to easily create a mood board. Plan your next vacation or brainstorm ideas for your next project.

Study with flashcards

Just like in the real world, cards can be flipped, making it incredibly easy to create a deck of flashcards. Use the simple styling options to make your cards look great with minimal effort.