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Want to memorize hundreds of new words? How do you do it? 🤔

Use flashcards! 🤓

But, how do you know when you've studied something enough? Here's where Fresh Cards comes in.

Fresh Cards will keep track of how often you've studied a piece of information and how well you're recalling it. Then, using the power of spaced repetition 🧠, it will schedule each bit of information for review again when you're most likely to forget it!

🚀 Power up your learning today by studying with Fresh Cards!

How Fresh Cards works

Fresh Cards helps you study by figuring out when you should review material again. Review using the app and it will learn how well you know the material over time.

Create cards. Fill in the question and answer sides with the material you wish to remember. Spice things up with images and audio.
Review daily. We'll pick out cards for you. Use a simple swipe interface to practice each card until you can recall it in the lesson.
Get a report. At the end of each lesson we'll let you know how well you did and when you should study each card again.
Come back the next day. Review another set of cards, optimally chosen for you based on how well you remember.

Fresh Cards is packed with features to make your study time a pleasant one.

One-time purchase gets you both macOS and iOS apps. No hidden fees, no subscription required.


Reviewing is as easy as swiping

Review cards daily using a simple swipe UI. Based on your reaction time and swipes, Fresh Cards will determine your recall score for each card.


Automatic Review Scheduling

At the end of each lesson, you'll get a report of how well you did. Each card will be scheduled for review again, based on how well you've remembered it so far.


Easy Card Creation

Create new cards easily with text, images, and even audio. The card creation tool is optimized for quickly creating dozens of cards at a time. Create cloze deletions easily using a simple syntax [like this].


Optimized for hundreds of cards

Getting serious about creating flash cards? Well, Fresh Cards can handle as many cards as you can throw at it. It's optimized for large decks, and it's always fast.



See your stats for a given deck to keep on track and stay motivated.


iCloud Sync

Sync all cards and lessons between iOS and macOS just using iCloud! Sync is fast and incredibly reliable.

Do heavy editing in macOS and review on the go with iOS.


We deal in exports and imports

Easily export your decks to share with others. Import just what you want. Fresh Cards is even able to recognize updated cards and can detect duplicates!


Want to bulk-create multiple cards? You can even import from a simple text file!


One-Time Purchase

No hidden fees, subscriptions, accounts, or ads.

Fresh Cards is a one-time purchase — you get both macOS and iOS versions!


But wait, there's more...

Fresh Cards is a new app, already chock-full of features, but there's even more planned! Want to see the product roadmap? Learn more about what's ahead.

Join the community

Join our Discord to file bugs, request features, or just chat about the app.

Fresh Cards is in continuous development, and we'd love to know what you think and what features you'd like to see.

Be sure to read the developer blog to find out what's going on.